RMS terminology - case vs. motor

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Jan 17, 2009
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OK, so I'm considering an RMS purchase, leaning towards 29/180-240.

I never really paid that much attention to the terminology, but the
Dr. Rockets products page kinda made it jump out.

Let me know if I'm off base here-

* case is the 'grain tube' minus the closures.
* motor is the case plus closures.
* system is 1 or more cases with 1 set (or more) of closures.

So, the RMS-29/180-240 system comes with 180 and 240 cases
and a set of closures. Is that about right?

That's how it worked when I bought my 38mm set. Three tubes and one set of closures (and one washer/spacer/thing thats required for some loads - gee its way too early - can't remember its real name)
Yup - that's how I read it. A casing is just that - the motor casing. The full motor has the closures with it, and the systems (best way to go, in my opinion - I bought the 29mm 180-240 system) include the casings, closures, and seal disks needed to fly the loads for the included casings.

Attached is a picture I just hastily cropped and merged to show the difference between a motor and a case. In this, the motor is on the left and the case on the right.

Yes I do, thank you.

No, no vaccine for me, thanks! :D:p:rolleyes: