RMS 24/40 F12-5J Confusion? Extra Part?

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Feb 19, 2009
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So what am I doing wrong here. I'm loading up my RMS 24/40 with a F12-5J reload from a new sealed 3-pack. I put it all together, but I end up with an extra white spacer/liner/tube.

It certainly does not look like it goes with this reload, but I've got three of them. The propellant grains are all full depth. The delay is full depth. Plus it doesn't seem to be of a diameter that fits anywhere.

What have I done wrong?

Here are the pictures. Look in the album "RMS 24/40 F12-5J Load"
https://photos.yahoo.com/[email protected]

That is a grain adapter that is used on the E reloads. You don't need it with the F reloads as the grain is the same length as the liner tube.

The D and E reloads use these adapters to hold the grain in place.

I'm not sure why you were given them. You could PM Joe Burger and ask him.
I looked at an older pack of F12s and it's definitely not there, so I'm guessing extra as well....
I kinda have to say reloadable motors are one of the only things where you never want extra parts. I was building a G75 one time. Got most of the way through, realized I had the neoprene seal left. thought I'd already used it. Read the instructions 3 times to see if I didn't need another somewhere else. Finally went to the parts list, and it listed one. So it was take the delay grain out, yadda yadda... Yet, neoprene seal was firmly in place... Probably tripled my assembly time. This was not including the fact that the reload kit had BP all over it after the sticky cap came out of the holder.... One grain was not in a bag, and man, cleaning BP out of the core of a grain is a pain, and worrysome! either way, the flight was fine. Great motor!

Thanks for the help guys...

I'm with you on this one Justin. I HATE to have extra parts on a motor reload.

I was hoping Joe Burger would catch this one. I'll send him a PM and see if he can provide some insights.

Thanks again,
This is interesting. I believe that screen name donaldsrockets is correct. They were grain adapters. However, what they are doing in there is beyond me. :confused:

I am looking at a reload this very minute and there are the liners and delay insulators in this but no adapters.

It is very possible that the assembly line was running an E load when they moved over to the F's and neglected to pull that bin off of the assembly line. I am very curious as to how old this load is. Is there a lot number stamped on the back of the instructions?

You definately don't want extra parts at the end of your motor assembly so your confusion is justified. We do have a second person verify the line before the packaging begins. Perhaps this time it was missed. I am pleased to learn that your flight was successful but you shouldn't have had to worry about it as you went 3...2...1.

Thanks so much for the heads up on this and I will mention this to my crew.

In summary: the F12 reload requires only two paper liners. One being for the grain and the other for the delay. And as you are aware this is a 3 pack so there should be 3 of each. There is no grain adapter required.
Correction. We USED to stamp the back of the instructions with the lot number. Now it is being done on the front.
I had two delay o-rings in an H165R last launch...I knew I had installed one, but I checked at least 3 times...and it was definately an extra part because the motor worked.

I just figured you were playing with my head. After several 29mm loads I don't look at the instructions anymore, so thanks for making me double check everything;)

The numbers printed on the top of the first page of instructions are....

020904 01

(3 pack of F12-5J loads for RMS 24/40)