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Dec 24, 2003
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There is the beginning of a great discussion on adhesives and testing them on RMR

It is called "Strength of Materials - Glue" and was started on 2/8 by Joel Corwith.

It might be interesting to place a reference to it here somewhere or duplicate the thread.

I'm sure there are some who avoid the RMR political nonsense by coming here, however this is some real rocket stuff.

John Coker has a page on his site and links to another site that do some strength testing on different adhesives, materials, and even knots. Some of his results were surprising to say the least. The one that really caught my eye was that there's no real difference in strength between Bob Smith epoxy and West when using with plywood. The only one that had a measurably stronger bond was Aeropoxy ES6209. The differences when using G10, however, are pronounced.