RIP Walter Becker

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Feb 15, 2009
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Walter Becker, guitarist for Steely Dan, has passed.

Thank you for the music, Walter.
+1 to this. A good musician who was involved in a lot of really good music.
Jeez, I now find out about every significant celebrity death on TRF. :facepalm:

This one just plain sucks. Very talented guy, wrote/co-wrote innumerable popular songs, played concerts before millions ... and I bet he could have walked down most city streets and not been recognized. Real loss to the music world. A relic from when music really was musical.
...they call Alabama the Crimson Tide, I wanna name when I lose---Call me Deacon Blues... Aja, also Royal Scam, two of my very favorite all time albums. Thanks, Walter, for all the great music and memories. R I P, your music will go on forever.