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Apr 7, 2004
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Seems like the RockSim at my school freezes everytime I try to sim a rocket. May someone please sim the attached file?

Please be sure the launch guide is set to 8 feet.

Please sim twice, once on 3x Aerotech F23EJ, and once on an Aerotech G64. I need to know the velocity at departure of rail, and apporximate apogee.

The first person to sim it will receive a $5 off coupon towards their next Rocketguts purchase of $25 or more.

F23EJs (X3)= @ 8 feet it was 62.8 feet per second and 1125 feet high

G64W = @ 8 feet it was 47.6 feet per second at 776 feet high

FYI: 5 G80's will put it up to 3600 feet at 104 feet per second :D