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Jun 12, 2014
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Good Afternoon guys, I was just wondering if there was such a thing as reusable nozzles (ones that can be used a minimum of 5 flights). If so, is there a site I can buy it from or must I build one (as I currently only have access to wooden lathe, which to my understanding, does not work).

Thank you so much.
Are you looking for nozzles for making your own motors, or commercial motors? if it's the second, you might want to look into Loki motors, as those have reusable graphite nozzles. There are also AMW and Gorilla motors (also graphite nozzles), but not sure how prevalent their stuff is. If it's the first, you can also use Loki cases (or other snap ring motors) for making your own motors. Please know that EX (motor construction) requires a Tripoli L2 to be able to fly at a research launch.

FWIW- i seem to remember forum user tfish saying something about making a nozzle out of wood, but I wouldn't attempt this without more experience with nozzle design.
On the EX side, Easy Research Rocketry has reusable graphite nozzles for their 29mm snapping research hardware.