Returning Rocketeer Wants to Get L1 Certification

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Jul 13, 2017
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Hello everyone, If this is inappropriate I apologize in advance but I just don't know where to turn for some assistance here. Returning to model rocketry after a 50 year hiatus (Naval career, State Department and a failed marriage) recovering from the ravages of chemo-radiation therapies associated with the treatment of Squamous cell throat cancer. The radiation pretty much fried my head; no sense of taste, smell, or teeth, a monster case of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and loss of definition and depth perception in my eyesight so I no longer am capable or willing to drive. I don't want to be the lead off story on the six o'clock news: "Navy veteran mows down pedestrians in mall parking lot... film at eleven!" With that said, anyone out there who lives in western Maryland (Hagerstown to Cumberland) who is a model rocket enthusiast and may be attending one of the big Maryland - Delaware Rocketry Association shoots on the Eastern Shore in October... Can I bum a ride please? Will pay for gas and lunch. Thanks. Here is my current 29mm project. Still have a lot of sanding and body prep to do but all the assembly work is done. Applied the white paint to the upper stage today so it's curing right now. The first stage will be olive drab with blue anodized fins and body for some contrast.



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I'm 3000 miles too far away, but good luck on your cert flight!
Welcome back :) I'd say I 'hear you' about the Tinnitus. My ears haven't stopped screaming for years :p But that's what you get for shooting guns with ears unprotected and playing Heavy Metal music in bars for years...
E-mail bod 'at' mdrocketry 'dot' org and ask the board if they know of any members that live out that way.
welcome back t the addiction....errr....HOBBY!
from one cancer fighter( stage 3 melanoma) to another- good on ya for fightin and i can really relate to the lovely lasting side effects of chemo.
and what a great get into afterwards.
im certain youre going to find someone tooffer a ride.
and youre going to be impressed with how far the addiction....errrr...HOBBY...has come in 50 years.
Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement. I am already floored with how far we have progressed since 1968. Got the final paint on last night and again this morning. Still need to do a little touch up, light sanding to feather the edges where colors meet and apply the decals I made using CorelDraw. Again thanks to everyone for their vote of confidence. This has really been a lot of fun. Thank you President Kennedy for this incredible Peace Dividend of technology from the space race.