Retro LOC Top Gunn!!!!

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Nov 22, 2016
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Ladies and Gentlemen, rocket fans of all ages!!! LOC 3.0 is proud to announce it’s first “Retro” series release… the Top Gunn!!!! This is a limited production run of an old favorite for the good ol’ boys!!! Each kit is built to the specs of one of Ron’s classic “LOC Custom Engineering” bad boys!!! 100” tall, 7.5” Diameter with a fiberglass transition to 5.5”. Includes ALL things necessary to fly except the motors! Tubular Nylon, 78” LOC Parachute, a 7 pack of 54mm motor tubes, Rail Buttons AND ½” lugs!!! All couplers receive a “stiffy”. Instructions from 1984 included! Only 4 available. Get Up There!!! And we’ll see YOU at LDRS!!!
IMG_0532.jpgTop Gun K550W.jpg
Picked one of them up and could not be happier. Great to see these kits from LOC Custom Engineering back out!

Gary, so happy for you! You going to have it done in time for LDRS? Just found out I'll be there....and we're planning a K550W drag race. Just sayin'!
How's about some LaserLOCS?

I wondered if you'd show up here, Jason!!!

If only we knew someone that had a fin pattern and had one of Ron's boat tails, maybe there'd be a chance for retro-repros! :wink:

Isn't that an old pml boat tail

Similar...but this one is actually wood, turned by Ron. I'll let you fondle it at the next TWA launch!:)

If Jay and Dave decide to reproduce this one, I'd bet that it will be cast in urethane (like PML) or fiber-infused resin. Time will tell.