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Ballistic Bird

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Mar 7, 2019
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In an attempt to 'shop local' I am seeking any information about hobby shops that sell products for low-power rocketry. Kits, engines, parts for scratch-building, etc. There is a Hobby Lobby in our town, but the inventory is limited.

Perhaps a thread already exists for this topic?
Otherwise - hopefully this message thread will reveal and list hobby shops for model rocketry hobbyists within -say- a 60-mile radius of central St. Louis. I look forward to doing business with any or all of them!

I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum for this ( first posting ) and that this does not violate any rules.
Thank you! Useful information.

I used Google and Google Maps prior to posting to the forum.
According to their web sites, the only business that lists model rocket products was Mark Twain Hobby Center? Do you know if that is correct?
Mark Twain was the place when I lived in the area, in the early to mid '80s. Belville Wholesale Hobbes(?) is also a good place to order from.
Looks like I should visit Mark Twain Hobby Center.
I just placed an order with Belleville Wholesale Hobby. Not retail, but at least local(ish) and not ... Amaz**.
Nothing against Amaz**, but I want to contribute some business to local over-the-counter shops.
Staff at North Central are great, but they are just barely staying afloat so I try to bu there as much as I can, but selection is small,

I haven't been in Mark Twain in a while last time their selection was smallish they are a lot of RC Car/Plane and Train

Schaefer's usually has a decent selection if you're in South County. Feel like there are a few more that I've topped in at recently but I can't place them right now.

Basaltic Bird If you haven't found us yet come fly with St Louis Rocketry at Buder Park (144 and 44)
I was just in Mark Twain today - they have 3/4 of one aisle (1 side) for model rocketry. Not sure if Checkered Flag in South County has any rockets (they are at Lemay Ferry and Lindberg). North Central Hobby is on lackland near the airport but I haven't been in there for years. Good luck!!!!
Checkered Flag is full MSRP. Don't bother with them. Not a great selection, either. I visited their "new" location a few weeks ago for the first time and was not at all impressed. They make their living off of R/C stuff and don't care about other stuff. It's just... there.
Schaefer's Hobby in Sunset Hills has a full aisle wall of rocket gear. All LPR stuff but they might have some mid power, I can't recall. A lot of estes/quest, some LOC mini missiles (again full price even though they're on clearance at LOC's website.. or they were, anyway)
Mark Twain has a decent selection
Belleville Hobby I hear is a good priced shop... I haven't dealt with them.
Haven't heard of North Central Hobby.

Then you have all the now-fair priced rocket goods at hobby lobby :)

Right now I can't think of anyplace else. I'm sure theres a few hole-in-the-wall shops here and there that might have some stuff, but we've lost a lot of good hobby shops over the years. Hobbytown USA in Town and country used to have a very good selection, but they couldn't keep up with today's online marketplace as well as the evolution of the various hobbies, and finally folded a few years ago.

As Michael mentioned, SLRA flies at 141/44. Just be mindful of the wind direction and the flightpath of your rocket. The river is adjacent to the launch site and will claim your rocket without thinking twice.