Replacing shock cord mount, having problems with glue sticking to tube

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Bill S

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Aug 6, 2019
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I have a rocket that I had to replace the shock cord mount - on a previous flight the ejection charge was way too powerful and ripped the mount right out of the tube. I made a replacement, and installed it, flying the rocket today. Unfortunately at ejection the replacement mount gave way and the rocket tumbled to the ground, suffering substantial damage. When I recovered the nosecone + parachute assembly, I was surprised to see that while I had indeed been generous with the glue, that the soot on the inside of the tube kept the glue from bonding with the body tube cardboard.

Is there a good way to clean the inside of the tube well enough to get the glue to stick? How have you guys handled this kind of situation? Thanks. :)
Wood glue will sometimes do a good job of attracting the built up burned bits (soot) and pulling it off the inside of the main body tube.

I learned about this from @Patternflyer.