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Feb 10, 2017
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During a launch yesterday, one of the fins on my Estes Nike Smoke broke off. And just above the fin, there's now a 2" cut and indentation in the body tube, as shown in the attached pic. I suppose it will be easy enough to glue the fin back on, but what about that cut? Is it OK just to sand and then fill in the indentation with wood putty, or is other action required?

Fin damage on Nike Smoke.jpg
For an Estes class rocket I would reorient the BT as much as possible. Possibly drill a small hole and try to pull the dented part up. I'd then soak the crack with thin CA. After that, scrape/sand the area up and use wood filler or light epoxy filler. Been there done that ;)
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@rstaff3 - Thanks for the reply. Your idea worked, I was able to pull the dented part up, looks pretty even now. I have not yet applied the CA, maybe tomorrow.