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This is understandable, as the booster of the 2 stage version has a tendency to nose-dive after it separates from the rest of the rocket. I recall reports of the boosters hitting unsuspecting people on the head and causing damage. Bad design with the pods. Personally, I always thought the pods looked crappy, also.
I have a 2 stage version that I built with 24mm mounts in each stage and I left off the pods and extras. It's a great flier when I use it to boost the Cineroc camera.
The 2 stage version waas gone before I got into rocketry, but I have one of the D versions and it's a great kit. Flies nice and so far I have only lost a fin on it once.
I have one of the two stage kits which I converted to a three motor cluster on the booster, staging to the stock single engine sustainer. Built the pods into motor mounts that hold small parachutes. This gives the thing the power it needs off the pad, and controls the booster descent. LOVE this rocket whether it single stage or multi stage. Great kit!