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Dec 30, 2003
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I was wondering how everyone removes o-rings from graphite nozzles (AMW, Loki, etc.) I can't seem to remove them by hand, and I need a screwdriver to sort of pry the o-ring out of it's groove. I am now noticing small dents in the nozzle from doing this, so is there a better way?
Maybe you could split the o-ring by cutting it with a hobby knife then pull it off? This would likely only scratch it.

I have some dental tools which I find invaluable for things like removing o-rings. The ends on the ones I have are hooked, and they have very fine points and are made of stainless steel so they are very strong. I can usually fairly easily get the hooked end down in the groove, hook it under the o-ring, lift the o-ring and pull it out of the groove.

Very handy little tools. I know it sounds strange, but you can sometimes find these dental tools at army surplus stores. You can also sometimes find them at military surplus tables at gun shows. If they have surplus military medical supplies, they will probably have a selection of dental tools.
you can also find them in some tool craftsman they are called ,O-ring picks
Doh! Cutting the O-ring didn't click in my head....just cut a spare silicone ring. It feels like you are cutting through butter, but it works!

Thanks, all.
I squeeze the o-ring really hard around the nozzle and push it tight into the groove. Then, I pull the slack all to one side of the nozzle. This usually lets the o-ring pop up enough to be able to slide a screwdriver underneath and slip it out of the groove.

Hard to describe, but it's worked great every time for me!
I'll second the dental tools thing.

They actually work better than cutting. Also, if you want to remove one to clean or due to some boo-boo, you don't damage it.

The picks also work great for carefully removing the slag from graphite nozzles.