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Feb 8, 2004
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I have made a new rail launch pad and I am really wanting to be able to launch most of my rockets from the rail. My question is will I end up messing up my body tubes on my rockets trying to remove the launch lugs? I mount my launch lugs with CA and then epoxy a small fillet on them. Can I remove the lugs with debonder? Will debonder work on the epoxy? I have even thought of keeping the launch lugs and putting rail buttons on the opposite side. But, really don't want to do this... Any ideas or techniques are welcome!

if these are low power rockets, or even HP rockets I would cut most of the glue and LL off and then sand down the rest of the glue and repaint.

Sometimes with HP rockets you can just take a screwdriver, stick it in the lug and pop it off, and usually it comes off easily. I just removed the 1/2" lugs off a fincan I have and the screwdriver method worked perfectly. The fillets were still there which I simply sanded down
If you aren't afraid of scrapping your launch lug, you can cut it off with a hobby knife in small slices, eventually shaving it down to just the glue that was adhering it to the body, and then gently sand it from there... time consuming, yes. But it will eventually get you back to a smooth surface.

Thanks for the advice guys! I have a Aerotech Initiator and a Recther Recker that I am removing the lugs from to install rail buttons.

With the Initiator I just used a screwdriver to pop the lugs off and then used some Elmers wood filler to fill in the area. Then smoothed it out with some sand paper and repainted. It worked out really well.

With the RR I used a Xacto knife and just cut away a little at a time. Then just sanded the remainder of the lug down untill smooth and touched up with some paint.

Hope to have the chance to launch with my new rail pad today! Can't wait :cool: