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Jan 18, 2009
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I have some older reloads that I had a neighbor (gun enthusiast) store when "easy access" was eliminated. He was holding them until I could obtain a LEUP, or the law suit ended, which ever came first. Well, we see which came first!:blush: They have been in a climate controlled magazine for a few years now, and all of them are White Lightening loads. I've not had a problem with C slot loads and oxidation as long as I've sanded the slots before use. Are HPR loads still good with a light sanding of the core before use? Or, should I just consider them a loss?

They should be fine. I'm not sure I'd trust the delay that much as far as accuracy is concerned, but as far as reliability is concerned, they're fine (though probably a bit hard to light).
smokem if you got them, but do watch the delays, I have seen them get longer by 20%, but if they were store in the climate control box your most likely in the good! so again "smokem if you got them":D
Just burned some 5 year old WL and RL G-reloads at the last launch.

The WL was a bit slow to light but performed fine and delay was fine.

The RL (G67) lighted up OK but the delay was way short. No it was not discolored and was packed in a separate sealed pouch.

Also burned an H123WL the launch before that was 6 years old. Since one grain was bagged and looked fine ; I didn't sand. Placed the good grain at the top of motor. Lit and performed fine.

I typically replace old delays when using an older reload.

At the last launch fired off an old At load over 20 yrs old. A e-110-4 [original W-9?] I believe.

Lit right up, deployed on time and amazed all!