Relay Rocketry January Blowout Sale! - Free Extended Tracking Siren Warranties!

Discussion in 'Vendor Display' started by Relay Rocketry, Jan 4, 2019.

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    Nov 26, 2018
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    Relay Rocketry has come far in the past few months since its inception. In celebration of the new year, we've not only added Extended Warranties for the Tracking Siren, but we're offering FREE 90-Day Warranty Extensions with the purchase of a Siren. To sweeten this sweet deal even further, we've permanently extended warranties on ALL products to 60-Days, with a base warranty of 90-Days for the Tracking Siren. In other words, you get a free 180-Day Warranty on a Tracking Siren! Good thing Tracking Sirens are marked down 20% until January 15th!

    Additionally, we're running a sale of 50% off all strengths of Kevlar Shock Cord until the same date!

    Come check it out!
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