relative cardboard tube strength

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Sep 22, 2014
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I have an Estes Leviathan and a LOC Nuke Pro Max. The difference between the tubes is ridiculous, Estes feels like a toilet paper roll while I think I could hit the LOC tube with a golf club.

I recently ordered a Madcow DX3, plain paper 2.6 inch version. What should I be expecting for the strength of the main airframe? Hopefully closer to LOC than Estes!

On another note, that rocket with an I55 Mellow gives a really nice flight.
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Madcow tubing is definitely more along the lines of LOC instead of Estes. My LOC IV hung in a tree for almost a month and went thru several severe thunderstorms. It needed to completely dry, and the top of the booster needed trimmed about a half inch. That's it. My first Leviathan hung in a tree for 24 hours and went thru a drizzle and less than 1/4" of snow and it was absolutely destroyed.
The 4" Patriot Madcow paper tubes are pretty tough. vv

Not sure if the 2.6" are the same thickness.