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Sep 6, 2004
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Red Sox????

How About those UNDEFEATED Detroit Lions!!! (At least for another 30 hours or so):)

Seen on some *very* popular t-shirts around New England... :D :D :D

Anybody watch last nights game against the Yankees? Manny's catch was incredible!

I can honestly say I have not followed baseball since they went on strike and scrubbed the 94 world series. Its been almost 10 years and I dont miss it.
Hey, what am I gonna do on Saturday nights now...???:confused:

I get the CBC on 4 different channels (plus 2 more in French).

NO HOCKEY!!!:eek:

dut da dut da dat, dut da dut da dat

How many people get that?:D

I miss Don Cherry already! He's such a snappy dresser.

I agree Im not very happy about this hockey buisness. Joe Louis arena isnt going to look the same this christmas empty. Especially since this really could be Steve Ys last year. I would hate to see such a class act go out like this.

No joy in Hockeytown tonight
originally posted by sandman
I miss Don Cherry already! He's such a snappy dresser.

I miss Don Cherry as coach of the Boston Bruins.

At least when he was here, they didn't get eliminated in the first round of the playoffs every year. :(

Yeah, I'm going to miss hockey also. My favorite sport.