Rocketship Games
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Feb 18, 2021
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Philadelphia, PA
Red Glare! This weekend! The Rocketship Games living room logistics depot is full up with new stock and restocks, so it's time for this party to happen!

We will be setup in the vendor area Friday through Sunday, so look for the orange tent and come on by to introduce yourself. We still have much to inventory that's not on our webstore yet, but will have on hand a whole lot of micro-, low-, and mid-power items, plus just a bit of high power, including:
  • A big collection of kits from FlisKits, Launch Lab Rocketry, and Odd'l Rockets along with AeroTech, Custom Rockets, Estes, and Quest, as well as our own Rocketship Games models
  • Nearly the entire current catalog of Estes motors from 1/4A to F, Quest motors from MicroMaxx (1/8A) to E, and a good selection of AeroTech+Enerjet single use and reloadable motors from E to G
  • A whole bunch of tools, supplies, and parts for the whole path from construction to launch, everything from glue, knives, and nosecones to masking tape, motor adapters, and cameras
All items will be 15% off list at the event! Some items will also be discounted even further, particularly beginner-oriented kits and supplies.

We are able to securely process on-site all the major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, as well as cash.

We'll see you there; happy flying!