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Feb 22, 2003
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I just recieved my order from Red Arrow Hobbies for the tube collection, as seen here for $ 24.99:

I sent my Money order out last Tuesday, and it takes two days for it to go from here ( Ohio ) to Michigan. The turn around was excellent, and the assortment of tubes/motor mounts/couplers and centering rings is wonderful.

Packaging was tight and the tubes were inside crumbled paper. All tubes were in perfect shape.

Each of the smaller parts - launch lugs/centering rings/streamer and motor mounts all come in small zip lock bags with a paper insert to tell you what they are. The tubes themselves are in larger open bags, pristine in shape, and the seam lines are fine to superfine.

The quality of this collection, and price make it a can't miss for the scratchbuilder, and their shipping is ultra quick - being 6 days turnaround time. I could see a shipment being recieved within 2 days if using a CC or paypal.

One note to remember:

I never recieved a reply back that they had recieved my payment - but its clear these folks know their business and are on the ball. So IF your a first time buyer, just be patient.

Thumbs way up for Red Arrow Hobbies.

Now I can start working on my Terrier/Nike base, and the twin Sandhawks...Wheww-hoo !

I second that....And, if you do get a little worried, you can always call these guys during normal business hours and they'll put your mind at ease. I bid on several items once and they waited (without me even asking) to combine my shipping!

I got that beat!

I won an auction on a tube set from Dave at Red Arrow at about 3:00P.M.

He already had my credit card on file so he sent it out UPS without me saying anything.

It arrived the next day at 1:00 P.M.!

Less than 22 hrs after the close of auction!

They are a great company to do business with. I have nothing but great service from them. If you need rocket parts look no futher.
Red Arrow is the cloner's best friend. I love the tube assortment. Great bang for the buck. I'm about due for another one.
I have not purchased this tube/parts set from them, but every other kit or item that I have ordered from Red Arrow has been handled quickly and efficiently. Packaging has always been good. Shipping is fast. I can recommend these guys hands down.
After reading this thread I went to Red Arrow to check them out again. I had been there many moons ago but for some reason or another didn't find anything I wanted at the time.
I think their pile done growed becouse I went on a shopping spree this time. One thing I bought was the 42" X-Form 'chute for $19.95, ideal for my secret project! Everthing I ordered was at or below the prices I've seen for the same stuff or equivelant at other places. Shipping was $7.95 and no HazMat bull with 29/40-120 reloads like some other sites charge.
I too got this tube assortment from Red Arrow and some extra centering rings, and I have mixed reviews, personally.

Great price, and everything arrived in great shape.

However, the size of the BT55 equivalent tubes are a bit "off", and so are the wound paper centering rings to center a 24mm motor tube in a BT55.

Everything else seems to be just fine.

The BT60 size tubes are perfectly sized, BTW. Maybe it was just my batch of BT55 (equivalent) tubes.

Personally, I like the tubes from Totally Tubular and/or Balsa Machining in the 34" lengths better. Probably just personal preference.
Fore Check,

Recheck the tubes. You probably have some BT-56's in there along with the BT-55's

The 56's are a scosh bigger.

The BT-56 is a Centuri tube size and Estes uses it with all the "Ready to Fly" stuff.

That's why Dave includes it.

Last time I ordered the tube assortment I asked Dave to leave off the BT-56's (I have lots now) and substitute some BT-55's

He's very accomadating.

I've heard nothing but great things about Red Arrow. I think that if he would just put a few bucks into getting someone to redesign his webpage, he'd be one of the major players in the market.