Red Arrow Hobbies - Paper body tube scratch builder's assorment

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Grabbed one off of ebay a few years back.....Think I paid about 21 bucks AFTER shipping.......I still have some tubes. Great quality and always great customer service from Red Arrow........In fact, I just ordered my (hopefully) L2 rocket from them.
Since you live in Michigan and Red Arrow is in Michigan you will have to pay sales tax but the good part is he usually ships UPS so you'll have your order delivered the next day.

His record for me is under 20 hrs order to package arrival!:shock:

However, if you go to a local launch and Dave is going to be there, he'll deliver your order to the launch. :D
So I've received my assortment of tubes. I'm pretty satisfied with the quality and the quantity of tubes. I was afraid that they would be extremely thin and weak, but this isn’t the case. The price is the best part; all the tubes and misc parts for under $40.00 can’t beat it. Service was timely; I think I received my package on the 3rd day. Anyway, I am pleased with my purchase. Thanks all for the input; it was reassuring when hitting the “add to cart” button. :)
Dave ships really fast.

And he does deliver to launches.
I have not bought their tube/parts assortment, but every other transaction I've had with them was friendly, has been handled efficiently, and was shipped quickly.

You can tell when someone likes what they are doing and likes rocketry. These Red Arrow guys are great!
Excellent stuff. I've bought several over the years. You won't be disappointed.