Recovery using Lifting-Body Design

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Richard Dierking

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Nov 25, 2018
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Temecula, CA
Please note, I will be posting information on this project when I have more information. Please don't respond to this thread at this time.
Thank you. Richard

I want to develop a small lifting body design. Initially balloon or rocket lifted during development and controlled to predetermined direction then further developed to control to a recovery area. Final recovery would be by parachute deployment.
But, I need a big favor before getting started, and I would like to get going on this asap. I want to use the HL-10 lifting body shape. There are lots of drawings and images of this, but I couldn't locate a scalable CAD file to make a 3D printed positive model to create the basic airframe of the vehicle. I would prefer On-shape for the CAD design just because I already have that application, but could probably work with others if I had some assistance.

Would someone be willing to help me either find a CAD or create one for this? I could scale it for 3D printing. If you are willing to help but there's a cost for this, please send me a message and I'll get back to you. Also, perhaps having the 1st model printed might be a good option.

I would like to make it 1/20th scale of the HL-10, so about 9" wide and 13" long.

Thank you,
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