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Interesting pictures. I'll have to dig mine up and scan them sometime. I know they probably aren't the best, but I will say one thing - the anticipation to use up a whole roll and get that film developed kills! I don't think I ever flew mine more than 5-7 times before I would get the roll developed. By that 7th flight the film becomes WAY more valuable too!

In my rAstrocam configuration, shots of wadding or parachute ejecting were typical. They still made for interesting photos.

Thanks for sharing!
Not really looking for pictures of wadding. Think an extra long shock cord might remedy that?
Good to know though,
Sounds like a baffle is just the ticket for a rastrocam... no wadding!!
you know, we just may get a decent roc cam if we keep going on this thread!

Here is my "Cosmic Cobra Cam". I haven't done a swing test on it yet, and it may be a bit heavy for C engines, but hey...I feel it's a step in the right direction!
Give me a few days and I will post a pic of my newly created Eye in the Sky 4. Yes, I know, another one. :p ;) :D Anways, it still uses the Dolphin Pen cam for video (just like all the other Eye in the Skys, with the exception of the 1st one which carried a disposable camera). Go to and click on electronics and click dolphin cam.
I was going to waut untill I could borrow a much nicer digital camera to take a piture of the rocket with, but I couln't wait so I went ahead and took it. The rocket is a Quest Icarus. I replaced the 18mm MMT with a 24mm MMT. I used the payload bay for the camera bay. I cut out my own bulkplate with screw eyes for the tube coupler and poured epoxy over it. I put a LOT of epoxy on the fillets. The fins are NOT coming off under any circumstances. Well, they might, but not very easily. I bought some small mirrors at Hobby Lobby one day and attached it to a balsa wood frame that holds the mirror at a specific angle so that I can get the best view of the ground and rocket. The rocket was painted royal blue with checkerboard decals added to the payload bay.
I checked out InfoCentral.
Those cameras are going for 20 bucks "Buy it now" on eBay. I may have to try that next!
$20 bucks?!?! Mine was $40. I highly reccomend that if you get this camera, you find someone with soldering/electrical skills to solder a switch onto the ciruit board where the button is. You will see what I'm talking about if you open it up. If you do this, it will make it much esier to take video. Once I get back to my house (I'm at my dad's right now) I will type up some stuff on my video rockets. I sent Neil a bunch of stuff, I may just go ahead and post that soon. Well that's all for now.
Gotta love those camera rockets !

Surely a camera must be one of the most "wow" factor things you can carry in a rocket.

I can easily see Alan(ntrance) Mark(Woody) and I going into this area at some stage , tho Im sure us gadget lovers will prefer to do video rather than stills .....

have to learn to walk before we run though . LOL

LOL Paul :D

Wait until youve built a few scratch rockets before you start putting cameras in 'em.
I think there may be a slight misunderstanding. Those pictures I posted from my Eye in the Sky rockets were stills taken from the videos. I can view each and every frame in the video and choose which ones I want to save along with the video. Hope this clears things up. BTW, my set for the video rockets are very simple. If you have basic modeling skills, you can easily build a camera rocket using the same camera I use. Any other camera, it may be different because of various other factors. If anyone is interested, I may start kitting video camera rockets for the use of the Dophin pen cam. If not, I may just sell plans for them.