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Jul 4, 2015
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London, United Kingdom
My holiday reading this year is Robin Brand's excellent book on the Skylark rocket (Britain's First Space Rocket: The Story of the Skylark, 2014) tracing its development from 1950s, the early tests in Australia, through to the last MASER project flight in 2005. At 690 pages, large format with loads of great images and charts, it's both a serious in depth technical history (at times almost like an engineer's manual really) and an enjoyable read. Loads of info on the development and manufacturing of both the airframe and the production of the Skylark's Raven motors, which were APCP. The book also shows how the Skylark contributed to science and engineering projects through various international collaborations. Highly recommended. I tried to upload some pictures of the book to give a sense of the size of this weighty tome, but for some reason the server doesn't seem to like it.

I'd be interested to know if anyone's built a scale version (or a full size one for that matter..:))

(PS: Full disclosure - I don't know the author, nor do I work for the publisher!)