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Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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NASA's Physics-Defying EM Drive Passes Peer Review
19 Nov 2016

"It’s important to note that passing peer review means that experts have found the methodology of the experiments reasonable. It doesn’t guarantee that the results are valid, as we’ve seen with other peer-reviewed research such as BICEP2. But this milestone shouldn’t be downplayed either. With this new paper we now have a clear overview of the experimental setup and its results. This is a big step toward determining whether the effect is real or an odd set of secondary effects."

In the latter portion of the third video below, the SpaceX satellite Internet system is discussed and it is claimed that the system would have only a 25-35ms lag (I believe they are referring to ping time) since it's a low Earth orbit system, much lower than the Hughes system in geostationary orbit with its long ping times unsuitable for on-line gaming, and would have download speeds up to 1Gbs. Launches could start as soon as 2019. The US would be the first market prioritized.

SpaceX Wants FCC Approval to Launch a Gigantic Satellite Internet Network
NOVEMBER 17, 2016

SpaceX satellite constellation



Just 2 words of comment. Cold Fusion.............
Probably, although there is the theory about quantum effects being involved and considering how absolutely bizarre that world is, I'm still a little bit hopeful.