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Sep 23, 2004
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In case anyone is interested in the limited progress I've made on the old Centuri's I'm fixing up, heres a few quick group pix.

Mostly its been reconstructing fins, or making new ones, one or two new body tubes (e.g Taurus), some fill and sand, refilleting, some sanding and priming. Next up is new shock cords and anchors for all of them, then researching paint schemes, painting, and starting on gathering decals.

Oh yeah, and that launch controller.

Looks like they are coming along pretty well. You are going to have a very cool collection of rare rockets!!!

I found an old Centuri Snipe Hunter (a kind of nondescript payload bird) with one busted-off fin in an old box of rocket junk in my attic, and I'm gonna patch it up and fly it. What the heck, why not??