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Rocket Al

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Jan 18, 2009
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Just bought from Rebar, and glad I did

Just got an auction/order in the mail from Rebar Rocketry that I won on ebay. Talk about FAST! Excellent products at an excellent price. Let me tell the story....

My original intent was to purchase the Teleflite Book of Rocketry Forum Forbidden Subjects (but, hey, that's just my inquisitive side.... ;) ) Saw what I wanted, ordered with the "Buy it Now" feature, and Paypal'd the money. A short time later I got an order confirmation, and an email that suggested looking around the ebay store for extra savings on kit lots and shipping charges. And I'm a sucker for a bargain.... :p

Checked out the ebay store, and saw that he had a lot of 8 Semroc lots that ended up being about 10% off retail cost (retail one these is quite reasonable to start with) and I'd been planning on buying some of Semroc's kits anyway. I need an occasional nostalgia rush sometimes. And, what the heck, I think there was an addition buck for shipping. So I bought them.

Within a couple of hours, I had another confirmation email stating that my order shipped via USPS priority mail, with confirmation number. Two days later, it was here, packed perfectly and in order. The book is massive and packed with information. The Semroc kits are going to be fun builds; just as I remember from my mis-spent youth.

You only get one shot at making a first impression. Rebar Rocketry has made quite the first impression on me. I see that they are carrying a good assortment of kits from the independent manufacturers such as the aforementioned Semrocs, as well as Fliskits, Sunward, ASP, and others. Been meaning to try kits from Fliskits, Sunward and ASP. I think I know where I'll be getting them from!!!! :D

You can tell I am jazzed about this vendor... my experience was such that it inspired me to take time to make a logo for the company for the EMRR logo contest. I don't have enough time to build as many rockets as I want to, let alone do graphics, so you know I'm happy!!!

Try 'em, you'll like 'em

Alan Tuskes
I really appreciate what you guys said. I want to let the rest of you guys know that I'm not just someone trying to make a buck off the people in this hobby. I love this sport and I'm trying to get to the point where I can do nothing but rocketry full time. I also work on computers, and I like 'em, but it just doesn't compare to this! I hope to have my motor sales pages and Quest kit pages up by next week, so maybe you can find time to stop by. This is supposed to be a family owned/operated business, but to tell you the truth, it's basically a one man show. I have to do everything, including web design, so that's why some of the pages aren't up yet. But be patient. I'm working on it:)
I was looking over the web site and I'll tell you how pleased I am that the ordering and shipping information is right up front in a link from the home page. :) :)

I don't know how many times I haven't been able to find out about shipping charges from a web site until after I've gone through the whole ordering process. Even then, you're not sure what the terms are. You just know what it would cost for the particular order you've filled out.

Sometimes I'll just cancel the whole thing after going through all that hassle.

Pet peeve of mine
Originally posted by stymye
Add me to the happy customer list for Rebar

Same here. I got my ancient Semroc clones from him (Rawhide, Sky Hook and Rock-A-Chute). Very excellent service. And as noted elsewhere, good web page design. Easy to use, easy to find whatever I'm looking for, including administrative details.
I appreciate all the good comments on the site and service. I've been lowering prices and shipping charges on the site and the Ebay store and as volume picks up, I'll lower them even more. I should be able to start shipping motors any day now. Just waiting on the go-ahead from Uncle Sam. I have a few Micro Maxx kits for sale and I'll be adding the motors and starter sets in a few days. Thanks to everyone who has bought from me recently. I appreciate your support.
Minus well add me to the list too. I bought a couple of sunward kits from him on ebay and some stuff from the web site. It's a nice site and easy to get around on.
Just want to let you know that we have the new Semroc SLS kits for sale, motors up to D's (E's restocking this week), and a few other surprises in the works in the next few weeks. Thanks for all the good comments.