Rebar does it again....

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Rocket Al

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Jan 18, 2009
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It doesn't get any faster than this....

My sister sent me an ebay gift certificate for Christmas and, having absolutely no self control, I spent a chunk of it on the evening of the 23rd (last Thursday evening) at the rebar Ebay store. Friday afternoon (Christmas eve) I get an email from Rebar stating that my package has already shipped!! Does this man take any time off??

Anyway, not 20 minutes ago there is a gentle tapping at my door as a uniformed agent of the federal government (the postman, before you start thinking "uh oh....BATFE") leaves a tall box containing many goodies for me. That would be 4 days, which includes a holiday!!! There will be much sanding and glue squeezing tohight!!!

Once again, another job well done by Rebar Rocketry. :D