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Jan 18, 2009
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Rob: Those are some mighty fine looking standard size model rockets. Hope you enjoy flying them for a long time to come..
but they aren't small at all... these are small;)
I said little rockets, not microscopic rockets! just kiddi'n. Dang micro, do they actually fly? Where do you get engines that small? Nice work.
Yes they all fly, they are all set-up for Micro-Maxx Quest motors, which you guy's may have read some of the stuff here. Motors will be available for many years to come! Great small field flyer average altitude is 100 feet some much more others like the very heavy 17.1g Explorer Aquarius only about 15 to 20 feet.
Micro-Maxx motors are 1/4"dia. x 1" long with .35 n/sec and .5 sec delay.

Gus: the Aquarius Nose cone is a turned basswood piece, Handcarved dome, then hollowed out with a dremel. Aquarius had a .448" (10.5mm) main body, those tanks are .246" (6mm) tubing. recovers on an 8" mylar chute:)

Just ya know guy's building and painting & decaling hasn't been any more difficult than building, painting ect. standard size models. I think the biggest difference is in the balance / nose weight or fin area.

Thanks Doug, I like the Alien Space Probe also, that's a good example of the stability question I was just talking about, the Probe took 15 #9 lead shot (.75g) to bring the CG back to the proper spot for a stable flight.

Areobee300: That aint the half of it:D heres a composite pic of most of the scratch built fleet by type:D

Sorry Rob: didn't mean to side track your thread, back to your Yankee. You did a great job on the paint pattern!
i got one of them hows it fly ?
just got mine done hope to fly it this saterday .
Woo that was a little confusing...

Question was about the tiny rail buttons. are they something you pickup up commercially or did you make them yourself?

Toyed with using two size rods or dowels or a dowel/tube combo like we did back when Hector as a pup. but got side tracked on something else.
The Plasticsturct girder is a nice touch. Very nice looking piece.
Thanks on the rail girders ... they just looked cool, so I used em.

The buttons you can buy at the hobby store. Find the rail guide pins for HO racecars, like Tyco. You will see they sell the pins, two in a pack for about $1.50. You can probably find them cheaper in bulk if needed. These guide pins are made so the "rail button" side clips into to HO racecar frame and the small diameter pin hangs down from the bottom end and rides in the track slot. I pushed the pin through the bodytube and let the upper part be used as a "button" worked well. I will take some closeups and post here.

Originally posted by CTulanko uses buttons and works well...I built it over a year ago and really need to do an article on it for emrr. It's easy to make and cool to watch.

Here are the build pics:

and the first launch:


I just went to look at the first launch pix... ...instictively I clicked on "NEXT" and my *very* first thought (seeing as I was in a micro-maxx frame set) was OMG, where DID Carl find such a little guy to hold up his rocket???


Sorry, back to our show... ;)
More Really tiny Rockets...
Art Applywhites Micro Qubits, Cardstock UFO's, also available in 13 and 18mm.
I have the fuzzy dice hanging from my Vans rearview mirror an launch days. I get all kinds of wierd looks;)