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Dec 26, 2009
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I'm new to the mid-power rocket scene, so I don't really know much about reloadable systems. I already have an Aerotech rocket I'd like to start building, but I don't know if I'll need to wait till I get my RMS hardware to start. How does the casing work? Is it something that can be added to the rocket post-build, or will I have to have the RMS casing before I start buildling?
you dont need to have the casing, build the rocket per the directions and the casing will fit in later. The casing is removable and is meant to fit in the tube after building is done.
The only advantage to having the casing when building is for fitting whatever type of motor retention you plan on using, other than that it really makes no difference.
Your going to love the step up to RMS
The Aerotech Kits, if you follow the directions, will work with the following RMS motors without modification:

RMS 24/40 (use with 24mm adapter)
RMS 29/40-120
RMS 29/60 (use with F Spacer)
RMS 29/100
I wish they made loads for the 60 and 100, thos were nice motors. Wait what am I talking about. I have a G104 LOL
Yea, I use my casing to make sure the thrust ring is down far enough when I build an AT kit. Yes, I put it in. Also I periodically put it in the rocket while the glue is drying just to look at it. No idea why.
hahaha I do that too man.....sometiems I just take my casings and throw them in a rocket ans start at them.......I dont know why...
hey Blike,

surprised nobody mentioned it yet ... you don't need a reloadable casing, go buy some single use motors. Aerotech makes E, F, and G power. they are more expensive than reloadables but they are available and they will give you a taste of mid-power ... and things will not be the same after that!!! enjoy!

by the way, which Aerotech rocket kit do you have?
Does anyone make a single-use H?
Seems like that would be a good option for a L1 cert flight, so a high-power newbie wouldn't have to sweat an RMS.
As I recall, AT had a few out. They were 'special' motors and were made only twice a year, and were only shipped out to authorized AT dealers. Needless to say, after the fire, these were nowhere to be found. It will probably be the last thing AT gets back into production as well. You can always try the Ellis Mountain site for SU H-I motors for 29mm. Much, much cheaper than AT's btw.
Thanks, guys. My project has been on the bench since the fire, so I guess it's time to finish 'er up and try for L1.
A little more epoxy and some paint, and away we go!