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Jan 18, 2009
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Introducing the "newest" member of the J/Boyz TeamRocket fleet...

Man this makes me feel old... I built my first one back in 1970...

It was my introduction into what then was high power to me... My first "D" engine... I would lie awake at night just dreaming...Well that's another story...LOL

Anyway... she's ready for paint in the morning....!!!

Man, that is small for a D powered rocket...that thing oughta go forever on an Estes E motor..nice work!
Nice looking build Steward! Are you going to paint it stock colors? Can't wait to see it painted:D !
Nice looking Cherokee-D !!! I really like that model!

Did you make it with the original 16.35" body tube or the later 18" one?

Just curious.

Can't wait to see the picture of it painted.
Double ditto! I carn't also wait for pics of her painted ! Have you got decals sorted ? I think Astronboy could get some made for her! :p .
Very nice! The Cherokee-D was one of my favorite kits as a teenager; Loved the way they took off on a D! Trouble was, I kept losing 'em :)

Just finished my clone today - got the decals from Excelsior (Astronboy). It is my intent to try to hang on to this one. Only going to fly it on big fields!

Just completed: Cherokee-D clone, Alpha clone
Needing Finishing: Centuri ThunderRoc clone, Quest Big Betty
On the bench: Semroc Skyhook
Awesome! Thats a purty lookin rocket you have ;) !

Priming and sanding...
No time to get impatient...!!!

It's the original size... and I've done it basically stock...
I did change out the shock cord mount, using a steel leader mounted to the forward motor mount. I also plan on using a parachute that I've cut and sewn myself... made from really light ripstop nylon.

I guess that's the difference in being 12 years old and being 50 years old... This time I can do it right...LOL, although I flew my first one many, many times... a real workhorse. I'm planning on flying this one on an old D11-9... I found a couple of them awhile back in the bottom of my flight box... So I really spent alot of attention to keeping it light...

I hope for a final sanding in the morning before the first coat of white goes on... Oh...!!! I used KILZ for the first time... it seems to be alright...

Thanks everyone...!!!
Originally posted by Steward
I'm planning on flying this one on an old D11-9... I found a couple of them awhile back in the bottom of my flight box...

I don't remember that motor at all..:confused: :confused:

I still have a pack of D13-5 and some D13-3's but I don't recall D11's.

Oh well, at my age I'm lucky that I remember the 70's at all..:p

OBTW It's looking good!!


I don't remember exactlly when they were produced either...

I do know that a couple of people on the forum would like to have them.... but my thinking is that I bought them to fly...and well... just an opportunity to be young again... My son thinks it really cool to have a motor that isn't in the catalogs... and frankly the offers to trade or whatever haven't been all that much...

I hope that it gets enough altitude that the nine seconds doesn't slam it into the ground...LOL That's why I've been keeping it lighter than I normally build...

We'll see soon....



Murphys law I guess....
The harder I try to get it right the harder it is to do things right...LOL

While waiting for the second primer coat to dry... I put a great big ole' full size fat thumb print right between the fins... DUH....

Only problem really is that I'll have to wait just a little longer to sand and start the final coats...

(don't ask why I was even close to it when it happened...) LOL

By the Way....

SpaceGarbageMan.... looks like you did a great job on your Cherokee D... Hope mine comes out that good...!!!


OK... I know I'm slow...
I don't apologize for taking my time with this one though...
It's turning out really, really nice...!!!

All that's left is the decals and clear coat...

Big problem today...

The decals that came with the kit didn't do right... I followed the directions to the hilt (pre-treated with KRYLON clear coat before attempting to apply) yet they still didn't work right.

The ink went soft and ran... I'm sure I coated them enough...!!!

Plan "B" ???

Thanks again...!!!
(with a good looking NAKED Cherokee D)

I have made my own decals with my inkjet printer and have found that it takes many coats of the Krylon clear to seal the ink.

I have taken decals that the ink ran and recoated the rest of them with some Future and they seemed to be ok!

Astronboy sells decals for the Cherokee-D.

Until I get the decal situation straight, I used some random pieces I had laying around...

Gonna fly tomorrow and I wanted something on it... An American flag and a NAR logo....for now...

I remember the Estes D-11s, they were made in the mid 80s. the printing on them was blue and had "SLD" printed it. This stood for "Super Long Delay". It was a useless engine for me with all of the small fields around here!
Cherokee D looks GREAT!!! If you are coating decals with Krylon Clear, you might have better luck with Krylon 1306 fixative. I switched a while back after a cue from Micromister (I think he suggested it:rolleyes: ). Anyway, works WAY better than just clear.
You can find it in the art or crafts section of any store like Walmart etc.

Sorry to go off topic here a little...

Flying Silverado- Have you tried the Krylon Workable Fixatif on Alps decals? Just asking, as Astronboy specifically recommends not using Krylon clear coat...Is this form of Krylon notably different? I would hate to screw up my pretty finishing job...

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