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RCRGs for sale (maybe)

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Jan 18, 2009
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Cleaning up and moving some stuff out.

Anyone interested in some OOP RCRGs?
- North Coast Outlaw ($150 best offer so far)
- Klingberg Flying Wing
- Czech Bison ($150 best offer so far)
- VectorAero Stingray III ($200 best offer so far)
- VectorAero 'Cuda ($100 best offer so far)
- Estes AstroBlaster
- Estes StratoBlaster
- Estes Sweet Vee

Send me offers - [email protected]. I'll make a decision end of next week. Give everyone some time to think about it.

I've posted some photos online at https://tinyurl.com/nbnt7t
More kits later.

- Dale Windsor
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Today is the last day to send offers. Thursday I'll contact high bidders to arrange payment and shipping.:)

Looks like the Estes gliders will be going up on Ebay. :eyepop: