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Jan 18, 2009
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Central Viginia - USA
We've had discussion from time to time on Space Shuttle models with motors in scale locations vs. the single off set motor in the ET.

Ran across this video on YouTube...

Here is video of a scratch built RC Space Shuttle "stack" with orbiter, ET and SRBs...with motors in the scale locations in the SRBs and orbiter...and a minimum of fin area.
Hard to tell from the video but it has 3 motors in the "second stage" (which I assume are the ones in the orbiter) as it seems there is a second ignition after SRB separation.

What is interesting is there are no fins on long extensions off the SRBs as with the old Estes and Sheri Hot Rocket versions.
Fin size and locations look much like Andy Woerner's larger FG version and versions by George Gassaway.

From his (Piero Acme) posts:
I use 5 D9 Klima on 1st stage, 2 in the boosters (1 each) 3 into ET.

Second stage 3 C6 Klima (not available in the USA)

- this model can fly with 5-D12 and 3 c6 or 3 D12.
- designed the model for D12 , but when Klima D9 was made available in the market, converted immediately.

D9 is 18mm it weight 50% of a D12 Estes but it has a full 20Ns impulse!

interesting what happens on first movement at 00:20-0:21.........

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Hi guys, I saw this thread by chance, here the last flight. Light is not the best. It was cloudy with very light rain. But flight phases have a better view

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That's an awesome fight!

What an incredibly slow take off.
Yes the 1st part , take off up to parachute opening, is slow motion (1/10). The gliding instead is slight slow (1/2) almost real speed.