RC B-29 with X-1: Air Ignition Rocket Glider

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Pig Soooiiieee!!
Aug 16, 2016
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Paragould, AR
Here is a link to a youtube video (5 minutes; R/G part is first 2 1/2 minutes) of Mac Hodges B-29 w/ X-1:


The B-29 was a late WW2 & Korean War four-engine bomber. It was also used as a "carrier ship" for the X-1, which broke the Sound Barrier.

The RC B-29 is huge, with about a 20 ft. wingspan. This aircraft was lost a couple of years ago, when it lost an engine on take-off. It was not rebuilt.

The X-1 makes an interesting study for on-board rocket ignition.
I've seen Mac perform many times in person. The B-29 model was crashed and rebuilt multiple times before the last accident, which was frighteningly close to hurting spectators when it crashed. The X-1 release and flight was also always impressive.