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Sep 1, 2009
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I think for my next model I'll do a RBG. Since I work in CGI I spent some time tonight, and trying not to look at what has been done before, free handed my own design.

She is BT-60 based. 24.5 inches long. And should fly on a D motor.

My plan is a tail cone and nose cone from Alumilite. Vacuum formed glider body and the rest balsa. This will take some trial and error no doubt but I'm trying to keep it simple. It's a bit bigger than the Orbital Transport. But with a BT-60 body tube it can run a bigger motor.

Well lets see what happens. I will detail this CGI model bit more and wasting no time get to the build this weekend. With any luck I can test this two when I get out to the sight in late October.

Here we go again. Keep in mind this is a real quickie wire frame I did tonight but it gets the idea across. Feel free to pick it apart. That's what the forum is for.



You definitely have been a busy bee. ;) This design looks a little bit pedestrian. SST Shuttle, OT, Shuttle Intrepid all have the same basic form, and that's going back 30 years or more.

I think the model would have to have something pretty special to get folks interested in it. By that I'm talking about something in the way of paint or graphics that sets it off, bonus little details, stuff like that. The vacform glider sounds interesting if the shape is cool. Will be interested to see what you come up with.

KJ I hear you loud and clear. Thanks so much for the good input. I concur.

Wow Sandman she's a beaut! Thanks for sharing that with me. Much appreciated and congrats on a successful bird!

Maybe something using a similar launch vehicle to the WW2 you are currently with. Now THAT would be a head turner! The military retro look. With the rocket powered Me for the parasite.
I didn't know you guys were mind readers too. ;) Most excellent comment.

Thanks Black Jack,

On a "forum" operated by and only-poster-on (if you see what I mean!) a chap named Friedrich Georg, there were quite a few of his models of what he claimed were German rocket projects; one of them was a "rocket-bomber" which was a delta-winged ship on the side of a V2-like booster - might be a possibility! I understand this guy's books are available in WEnglish...
WEnglish?! Pardon my typo...BTW, this forum has vanished, perhaps because the guy was a bit too German-patriotic...