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Feb 4, 2010
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Im just starting to get into rocketry and was woundering if you guys could suggest some RBG. If you want it would be nice to see pics of yours and ur experiences with them.:cheers:

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I hope you mean Rocket Powered Gliders.:D
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Free-flight or radio controlled?

For free flight, nothings quicker and easier for entry than the Edmonds line, available from a number of online distributors. There are also classics through Semroc such as the Swift and the Hawk, as well as the Nighthawk. Also, for sheer cool and amusement factor, consider the tiny little Fliskits Nanite, which flies on Micromax motors.

For radio control, there's a starter model from Edmonds called the Arcie II, which runs about $40 for the glider kit, or $150 or so for the full starter kit that includes all the gear, battery etc. to fly. You'll be flying in only about 1-2 hours.

If you're into something more challenging, I am a big fan of radio controlled rocket gliders, which are basically just planes with rocket motors. Typically rockets and gliders have conflicting CP/CG requirements, so you have to shift some mass around, change a flying surface, or use a pod that falls off. RCRG's have none of that, but require some care in trimming just right for boost, then adding a couple clicks of trim change to transition into the glide. A great nearly ready-to-fly candidate for this is the Art Hobby Colibri, about $90. I did a conversion thread on rocketreviews.com on this. Another good one is the Venus by Blue Arrow. Greg Stewart posted a very nice conversion thread on rcgroups.com.
WOW that thing looks really good in the air. I really like that last pic:clap:
I've had good luck lately with the Estes Eagle boost glider. It was my second attempt at the genre (the Shuttle Express sort of counts) and I was quite happy with it.
Thats good to hear considering that i just got done putting one together. Here is a snapshot of it. Nothing special as you know they are already painted.:cheers:


Looking good! I just wished they used black clay for the noseweight. The tan clay is ugly. You can massage it into the nose area so it doesn't look too bad, and I considered masking it with electrical tape. I hadn't tried it yet tho.