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Dec 24, 2003
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I just had Sandman make me a replacement NC for my 1:6 Cosmodrome Apache. I had him make it out of Basswood as the needle sharp conical profile was way too fragile out of Balsa (even when soaked in CA and painted)

The finished component is absolutely magnificent!

I even got a follow-up as he felt he had overlooked a detail.

If you need replacements, or custom work for scratch, I can't recommend him enough.

By the way, I think this thing is now a lethal weapon...A durable nosecone like this driven by a F50 could probably Harpoon a whale! :D
Sandmans custom turnings are the best in the business.
I had him make me a nosecone for an upscale Big Bertha out of balsa.
Not only did I have the nosecone in my hand within 2 days but it is by far the best job and quality I have ever seen in a balsa part.
I showed it to the owner of a local hobby shop just this morning and he just went on and on about how nice it was.
In my opinion you can't go wrong with a custom Roachworks turning.
Yes....very impressive work. I asked Gordon (sandman) if he could make me an upscale Red Max nose cone. He laughed at me (via e-mail) "of course..." I recieved it a few days later. Perfectly shaped, sanded and ready to be painted. He even drilled it out so I'd have a place to put in some nose weight.

This picture does not do it justice...
Apparently...I have found my calling!

Hey, if anyone is interested...I did find some black walnut in an old barn.

That should make a very interesting nose cone.

I took a picture of the before and after...

The trashed one is the NC that came with the Apache

Sandman's NC is on the right.
I asked Gordon (sandman) if he could make me an upscale Red Max nose cone. He laughed at me (via e-mail) "of course..."

I laughed because it is probably THE most requested cone in up...down and everyscale in between that I get!

Maybe there should be a Goblin/DerRed Max Yahoo group.

Or a Goblins Anonymous..."Hello, my name is sandman...and I love Goblins."

Just got the parts I ordered from Sandman. Really beautiful work.

If you, like me, are "lathe-impaired", this is the way to go when you need something special.
Here's a pic of the nosecone fitted into a BT-101
Pic of Sandman made BT-50 to BT-101 transition.
Pic of transition flawlessly fitted onto BT-50. Superb work at a very reasonable price.