Rattle can painting in tight places

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Nov 27, 2016
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Port Kent, NY
I have just finished building US Rockets' Dual 18 mm Rear Eject and am trying to figure out how to paint the engine pods. I have a basecoat of primer + white over the entire rocket. But I want to paint the the engine pods orange. I probably should have masked the glue surfaces and painted the pods prior to assembly, but too late now. What would be the best way (using a rattle can) of getting the paint into the narrow space between the nose cones and fuselage? I am afraid of creating runs by getting too close. Thoughts?
that's a situation ive found myself in,too. what I do is tape off what I dont want painted and mist from a distance and at different angles- light coats until full coverage.

Painted it tonite - your advice seemed to work pretty well. I haven't taken the masking tape off yet as I have to spray the fins black. But I got no runs and I can't seem to see any base white in the tight spot. Thanks!
cool beans!! something woody mentioned is dry spray, which ive had happen. a couple coats of clear seems to make dry spray less noticeable.
Sometimes the best option is to paint, then assemble. Sometimes it is just too hard getting good coverage in tight spots or masking adjacent areas tricky.