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Jan 14, 2009
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They look nice! He includes a couple of extra ball-bearings. He also includes a stainless shackle for the toggle. $95 which includes shipping in the lower 48. https://www.rattworks.net/

This is a reproduction of the Black Sky Advanced Retention and Release Device (ARRD). The ARRD2 was a strengthened version of the ARRD that might have been mechanically compatible. From the documentation it looks like a couple of the parts were fabricated with different materials.

I haven't had a chance to put the RATT WORKS release next to a Black Sky ARRD2 to see if they're part compatible. Looks pretty close though...
If it works like the original does, it'll be a nice piece, I have one of the earlier models from Black Sky (made of stainless I believe) and I love the thing. The price is right too.
I fail to see the ARRD on their site. May just be me, more than likely.

I've wanted a BlackSky ARRD for a long time.

Fred, gimme yours. ;)
We got the test results from the lab Stork materials testing
The ARRD had total failure of shackle and toggle at 3,000 lbs, the second test was tested to a load of 2,000 lbs with no damage at all and the mechanism released fine, so it is safe to say it will work fine up to 2,000 lbs. Here are some photos of the testing.


Great test....but....
I wonder how the unit holds under severe vibration.
I beleive you've found the "best" case failure point.
But under real-life conditions where the drogue is providing wild swings in loading levels and angles I doubt you would get to 3000 pounds of pull.
Anyway to include vibration at a minimum?
We just got a couple, and have yet to open up the box and play with them. looking forward to getting the chance.

I wonder if you could hook one up for RC operations, say, and have it connect the parachute and shock cord to the best of the rocket, so as to be able to relase it from a tree...