Rare Find...Vintage '69 Mag w/ Rockets!

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Apr 22, 2009
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Greetings everyone! Today Jason (jetra2) and I were at it again sitting with a library coordinator to plan our summer "camp" or volunteer appearances to talk to kids about rocketry and science.

After our meeting we headed over to Ralph's Hobbies which is just down the street from Jason's house. Now Ralph's is one of these gold mines that has stuff tucked away in the rear corners of the shop. There are some good finds in there if you really look hard or ask nicely. I typically spend a few minutes just browsing some of the old plastic models on the shelves and his small assortment of rocketry products. Today was a great day for me. Aside from the OOP BT80 based V2 that I bought for $24.99 (and OOP Super Big Bertha I picked up for Jason's birthday), I rediscovered this really old magazine printed back in 1969. What had grabbed my attention initially was a curious looking Saturn V on the front cover. Low and behold, it was an old Revell model of the famous Apollo spacecraft. The article was printed because apparently there was a new line of plastic rockets that were being sold as flyable models.

Well, rather than give you the gritty details of each page, I've taken the liberty of scanning them in for all to see. I think this is a real treasure to the rocketry world. I'm glad I found it! (Inside you'll find some Honest John stuff too!)

Attached is the front cover. The magazine title is "1001 New Model Airplane Ideas." The issue is from winter of 1969 and sold for $.75 at the time of print.

The inside cover is of Revell's Saturn V plastic model. The advertisement offers a detailed breakdown of key features of the model.
Page 24 goes into further details of the MPC product line.

(I apologize if some of the text is illegible. I was trying not to tear or damage the binding while scanning.)
Page 25 features the COX Honest John RTF kit. Wow...I just can't imagine an Estes Tidal Wave RTF set being worth anything in 20 years. :rolleyes:
Wow! On page 26 there is a feature on the COX Saturn V launch tower with integrated controller. Why oh why can't we have something like this in this day and age?!
Sandman will appreciate page 27. It features a COX 1/25 scale Little Joe II that retailed for only $3.98. Hey Sandman, wanna rerelease this kit at the original introductory price? :D :p
Cool! Now... WHat does one do with such a thing??:confused: :confused:
...and finally, the rear cover of "1001 New Model Airplane Ideas." Sure, it doesn't sport anything rocketry related, but it sure as heck looks cool! I'm sure the plastic modelers of the 60s will appreciate it.
and what about the rest of us?:p ;) What are *WE* supposed to think?:D ;) :p I still dont know what to think... Well, actually I do... "GET TO 1000 posts NOW!". 3 or 4 more to go... So far I havent resorted to saying "bump" yet as its own post just to up my count, but I am gettin close! I plan on hitting 1K tonight, yeah baby!:D
A friend of mine still has his COX palstic rockets, including the Little Joe II, Honest John, and X-15. He let me scan the X-15 instruction manual, flight history and decal placement sheets. I sent them in to "Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe" https://plans.rocketshoppe.com/ but they haven't been posted on the site yet.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
A few years ago, my father-in-law had cleaned out his attic. He asked me if I wanted this old stuff. These belonged to my brother-in-law at one time. Now there MINE!!!!!:D
Originally posted by Martin Vrstal
A few years ago, my father-in-law had cleaned out his attic. He asked me if I wanted this old stuff. These belonged to my brother-in-law at one time. Now there MINE!!!!!:D

Marty, I felt pretty good about finding this magazine. Thanks for raining my parade! :kill: :p :D j/k of course! Dang...now THAT is a nice hand-me-down! Have you ever flown that thing? I bet it's your pride and joy! I wish someone close to me would pass me something like that along.
Eugene, Nope....I've never flown the 1b. Infact I don't think it has ever flown, but it does have 1 broken fin. The pads look to have been used alot.
The Sat 1b just sits here now along with my cloned Estes 1/70 and my Roachwerks 1/130th. Cool huh:D
thanks for sharing all that, eugene! Run down to your nearest comics shop, buy one of those plastic bags, and tuck that puppy inside for safe-keeping.

That "Theta Cajun" looked pretty sweet... almost a candidate for a gap-staging model. Hmmmm....
I was thrilled by the mag, and someone actually has one! A 1b too! This forum never ceases to amaze me. I would be so tempted to fly that...

I love old dusty hobby shops. I travel for a living, so I try to hit shops in whatever state I'm in. Sometimes you luck out like with that magazine. Ralphs sounds like a really cool shop.