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Jan 18, 2009
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What is the best way to lube my rail? Silicone spray, car wax? Im not sure Im just asking

I clean mine with WD-40, as it takes the "crud" from launching off of it...but the WD-40 evaporates eventually...maybe that counts :D

no lube needed...
I also spray mine with WD-40. Just a quick blast all the way down , and stick a bit of rag/cloth in the rail part , to clean it up. Then another quick blast so your ready to launch on it again :)
Originally posted by Bowhunter
What is the best way to lube my rail?

I think this is getting kind of personal for a family-friendly forum.:p
Quote: "I think this is getting kind of personal for a family-friendly forum."

We all know his mind is in the gutter. I'm sorry, but that was just wrong!:p ;)
Originally posted by Elapid
teflon spray...

teflon launch lugs are cool, too!

I'd buy that for a dollar!

If only I had some. I've been rubbing mine down with graphite (lock lube). Yeah, it's not very clean. Not saying it's a good ide, it's just that I had two spare tubes of it.
The WD-40 is OK but I prefer to use a carburetor-choke cleaner and wipe it down with one of the green Scotchbrite pads then paper towel. Depending on how dirty the rail is, it may take several applications. The imprortant idea here is to clean off the deposits and reduce the abrasion of the rail guide. Lubrication is best done sparingly, such as a silicone lubrication spray.
To reduce the amount of time spent on cleaning try getting a nylon bristle brush from a firearms dealer. They are usually sold as pistol chamber brushes and are approximately 3/4" to 1" in diameter. Put a 45 degree bend in the twisted wire handle and use it with your favorite lube/cleaner to clean out the slot in your rails. It will completely clean a badly crudded up rail in only one or two passes. A friend, Andy Miller, and I confirmed this by cleaning a very dirty 1.5" X 12' rail that had been used at LDRS this year in only 5 minutes.

Also in regards to cleaners I use WD40 when the deposits are fresh or light. For really heavy deposits or deposits that have hardened over time try Hoppe's "No. 9 Plus Black Powder Cleaner And Patch Lube". It dissolves exhaust deposits like nothing else does.

Ken Holloway