Rail Cleaning


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Jan 17, 2009
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I saw some mention of dirty rails in a different thread.

Here's what we do in the MARS club.

We've got 8' lengths of 2" pvc with a cap on the bottom. A 1010 rail drops in and then fill the tube with vinegar. Doesn't take as much as you'd think. A little more than a gallon.

Let sit over night. Then dump the vinegar out into a bucket for re-use. The rail will still look as dirty as it did when you put it in.

Next step: Wet a green brillo sponge or similar in vinegar and wipe it down. Don't have to scrub. Make sure to jam the sponge in the channels and get them. Then spray off the whole thing with a garden hose. Like new.

1515 can be done, but you need a big tube. It holds a ton of vinegar and is heavy.....

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