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Feb 15, 2011
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Roanoke Rapids NC
Does anyone have a photo showing an Estes BT-55 tube with a micro railbutton and a 1010 rail button attached ?
I am looking to do a visual for comparison. I will be using only 24mm motors in the BT-50 motor mount tube


Not sure if this is what you're looking for.
1010 (missing the screw, I just have it sitting on the micro):

@ lotronex thanks for posting that image as that is what I am looking for .
I plan to use the micro rail buttons for my scale Black Brant 2 using a BT-55
What I plan on doing is building a rail launcher that can handle both 1010 rail buttons
and the micro rail buttons.
Thrustline honest john BT55 tube with mini rail buttons. 1010 button in comparison. PXL_20240530_015907977.jpgPXL_20240530_015917006.jpgPXL_20240530_020649597.jpg
Air drag is significant, though I suppose swoopy rail guides would only look good on certain rockets, even if they resulted in slightly higher apogees for almost anything. Screw holes not yet included. Could be flathead or counterbored, though the fastener would have to have a relatively small or thin head so as not to protrude. Alternatively, for someone willing to fiddle around, there could be threaded holes that aren't visible from the top, but then the fastener would have to be installed and tightened from the inside.

I don't think this guide would look right on the two scale rockets above, though it might on some of the others. This is just a preliminary piece I came up with for an earlier discussion. This is a parametric model, so it might not be too hard to tweak it for other rail sizes besides 1010. I suspect the two diagonal lines wouldn't be very visible on a real piece, especially after a few swipes with sandpaper. I am not tremendously experienced with surfaces in CAD, but I might be able to beat it into submission and get rid of the lines.

There is probably some jazzy CAD operator who could come up with a rail guide that would make this look clunky and/or make it to exploit the strengths and avoid the weaknesses of 3D printing.

Air drag is significant,

Most folks will not notice the air drag from Lugs or Rail Buttons. Towers with neither are only used in competition or setting records; not most sporting purposes :) [Most sounding rockets use rail guides]

Just want to make sure folks don't worry about it too much, just like over building MPRs.
When there's a limitation on altitude, drag allows the use of noisier motors without busting the limit.
I also find the micro buttons tend to bind. Mini buttons look fine to my eye on rockets as small as BT-50, and work much better for me.

Same here, I had to get a "Special" silver rail for the micro buttons that was $48 for 4 of them in a bundle only on Amazon back a while. The Black Maker rails are not made to good specs and bind. The Rail Button guy told me that after I learned the hard way.

Do not have problems with the mini buttons, but they wont fit bt-50 on a 4 fin rocket with the rail I have. The rail I have does not fit in-between the fins.
Is it a 2020 rail (I actually haven't tried mine with a four fin rocket)?

Well, I was just in the garage to finish up some minor reorg to make it to my bench and shelf.
I found my 2020 rail and I had a Generic E2X rocket in BT50 with the thin plastic fin can and it has micro buttons on it.
I was able to slide the 2020 rail on it between the 4 fins, but it was very close fit and might drag a little.

Any larger fins in Balsa would be dragin' on the 2020 rail in 4 fins, as I remember testing about 4 years ago.