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Captain Low-N-Slow
Jan 26, 2010
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I have wanted to do a design like this for a while now. I've ordered the components, and will be starting a build thread soon. I was originally going to place the rail buttons on the aft narrow section, with standoffs. But I got to thinking, there will be centering rings in the wide section. Why couldn't I attach them there? Anybody see any problems with this?

side view.jpg

3D Finished.jpg

View attachment Tube Fly With Fire03.ork
It'll be fine, you'll lose a little bit of usable rail since your buttons will be up higher to start with but it looks like it would just be a foot or so.
If it were me I would put one on each... That will be the most stable configuration by far. It's probably overkill though. If you're against lower tube buttons, the configuration you have is fine.

Looking forward to the build!:pop:
I built a Photon Disruptor upscale with a crayon bank. I did the same thing and it has flown great so far.
Yep, you'll be good. Just flew a big 7.67" bird last weekend with similar rail placement...worked great! Wouldn't hurt to space them apart a bit farther, but looks good!
Thanks Guys. I figured it would be okay, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.