Rack Rocket 18 - First Flight a Success

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Jan 17, 2009
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I've been meaning to build a Rack rocket for years and last month I finally did. I thought I would start out with a 18mm 4 stager. I am glad to say that it had it's first flight at the Monthly R.O.C.C. launch on Saturday and all 4 stages lit. The best part was I was able to retrieve it only about 50 yards from the launch pad.
The first flight was staged C6-0 - B6-0 - B6-0 - C6-7. It was great not only to be able to see each stage ignite but to hear each one also.

I have the build thread over at my site if you are interested in a similar build:
Rack Rocket 18

Here she is on the pad right before the launch (number 2 pad).
That's a nice looking rocket. up until about a month ago, i had never heard of rack rockets, but it seems an obvious idea for staging now i have had time to think about it. I miight be tempted to build one.
i'm impressed that the first stage was a C and not a D12.