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Has anyone flown one of these yet? https://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/japanfan/89e4/
I just picked one up and plan to convert it into a rocket like the Estes version. I need to figure out the fin size and CG of the Estes rocket so I can upscale.

Too cool.

As far as upscaling, you'd need a lot of Lexan to match the clear fins that came with the Estes kit. I'm concered about how heavy that would be. It would shift the CG the wrong way.

You might be better off using some light plywood to make fins that extend from the bottom like the Estes clear ones did. The further back they sweep, the better the CG/CP relationship will be.

You could do something like an upscale version of Flis's "flame fins" or simply paint them a neutral color.

Or, you could build a really big X-Wing fighter for R2D2 to sit in. :)

-- Roger
Good point about the clear fins. The weight vs strength tradeoff is not worth the aesthetic gain. The fins will need to be huge. I'm planning to make a metal bracket to mount them to the legs. This will also protect the legs from the motor exaust. I will probably make them removable for strorage and display.

The upscale X-wing will be next. I just want to make sure R2D2 can safely eject before it crashes :D
I'm note sure, yet I think the X-Wing reference missed the mark.

No, I think he got it:

"The upscale X-wing will be next. I just want to make sure R2D2 can safely eject before it crashes." :)

Back on topic, If I had seen that trash can, my first thought would have been to turn it into a rocket, also. I actually had that thought when I saw a local USPS mailbox decorated as R2D2 a few years ago. But, that would have required a really large motor.

-- Roger
The mailbox would need an especially big motor, since its anchored to the ground :)

I've started planning the RD-D2 trashcan build. He's half scale 10" dia and weighs 6lb 4 Oz with the middle leg and other stuff removed. R2 always retracts his middle leg when he flies. Motor tube will go all the way to the NC like a Flis ACME Spitfire. The motor will be almost as long. Chutes will rest between the motor tube and airframe. This arrangement will protect the vinal airframe from the motor ejection charge, and won't need any dog barf.

I want to try out my design on a smaller scale. Roger, would you happen to have an Estes R2-D2 for sale. I saw that you have a mini RTF one, but I need a 2.6" or 4" version to try out my design.
I have a crashed R2D2 that's not needed yet sits there against the wall.

I do have one still in the box that is needed. ;)

I think I have to have that 'garbage can'. :bangpan:
Roger pointed me to a 4" Estes R2D2 on eBay that I bought. I will build this as a prototype to figure out how to build the big one.
I just noticed the trash can is out of stock. I hope they get some more, I'd really like to turn it into a rocket.

The real question is what motor configuration to use. 54mm with 4x 38mm? Something else? Hmmm...

The re-released AARD will come in very handy.
A fellow flier in or club has built and flown one. I'll see if I can find some photo's.

I remember it only goes around 400-500 ft on K-550 54mm. Due to the fact it flies like a spool being so fat and the 15lbs of weight in the nose to make it stable

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