R2D2 Motor upgrade Question?

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Jan 18, 2009
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I have on my build list an Estes R2D2 and want to slap in a D12-3 motor do you see any problems here? I think I can use CR's supplied with kit and cut out for bt-50 tube . Would I need to add extra nose weight ? Plan on using Nomex pad to prevent chute burn. Any suggestion helpful.

There were at least 3 different size Estes flying R2-D2 models.

mini motor powered, smaller than:

std motor powered, but not quite as big as:

Big "oatmeal box" sized model for C6-3 motors.

Again, this is another of the long list of "short & fat" rockets that folks are drawn to like insects to a bug-zapper. Shot and fat rockets need nose weight and if you screw up the nose weight (i.e. if it is installed off center) it will make the rocket go unstable.

It helps somewhat that the fins extend below the fat body, but they certainly are not optimum fins (i.e. they stick out to the sides mostly and they are heavy soi they move the c.g. aft).
I previously posted this info to usenet

BT-50 engine mount for 24mm engines.
Recut the body wrap on the bottom so it was
long enough to cover the tube.
11g of extra nose weight
Double the shock cord length.
24 inch chute

I had a great flight for my Nartrek Bronze using
a D12-3 in my BT-100 R2D2.

I also wrote it up in an article--I can send you a
copy if Tom Beach doesn't want to print it in Sport
Rocketry, but I plan to give Tom another year or two
to decide.
I have the Bt-100 size R2D2 and it size comes w/ some nose weight centered in a tray type holder jobbie thingie LOL:) If I double the weight I hope this will do.

As to R2D2 mods article please send if you like ... Thanks

Has anyone tried fitting accurate motor mounts to R2-D2? Watch Episode 2 again, then put a motor on each of R2-D2's arms. :)
recently we saw a G powered BT101 R2D2. wow!! that one really boogied!
I have an R2D2 small that can fly on C motors and the largest one (BT101) that flies on 24mm... The trick is not to use too high a thrust motor so you don't rip off the stab's.

The third size was just under the large size, 8" tall compared to 9". It has a rear ejection system which I love and it flies great all day on C6-3's. I have launched the crap out of mine.