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Jan 17, 2009
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As you may have heard Tripoli Rocketry Association has reinstated Dr. Frank Kosdon as a TRA certified manufacturer. Tripoli Motor Testing has also recently granted a one-year interim certification for all Kosdon Enterprises motors that retained approved status at the time of his decertification in April 2001. TRA has declared these motors are only interim certified for Tripoli members, essentially giving them a portion of the burn period they did not receive at the time of censure. The interim certification will end on June 30, 2010, with full certification to be granted for each reload kit going through comprehensive TMT or NAR S&T testing prior to that date.

When the motors are tested and certified the NAR will add them to the certified motor list. But we will not be giving interim certification to the Kosdon motors that were certified in 2001. The reason is that our requirements and Tripoli's were slightly different at that time. Instead of decertifying the motors with no consumer burn time the NAR left them on the certified motor list giving people the burn time needed to use old motor stock. So the burn time that Tripoli is now giving their members, the NAR gave their members in 2001.

Also, such certification would be against policy stated in our Motor Testing Manual which is available at https://www.nar.org/SandT/docs/ST-MotorTestingManual.pdf.

NFPA Code 1125 requires the successful completion of static testing before any rocket motor can go from being "uncertified" to "certified". Kosdon rocket motors have been "uncertified" for several years. Until the static testing required by NFPA 1125 is done by Tripoli Motor Testing or some other recognized testing authority, the NAR does not regard Kosdon rocket motors as being certified. In accordance with our Safety Code, these motors may not be flown on any range where NAR insurance is in effect until this testing is successfully completed.

But we do look forward to seeing Frank back making motors and will be delighted when we can start burning his newly certified stock.

Jack Kane, Chairman
John Lyngdal, Chairman