R.I.P, Rockets, other than from flying.

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Jan 18, 2009
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A few weeks ago, my dog ate one of my rockets, he does not normal do this, but it was a spool rocket and i guess he thought it was his toy and not mine.

So i was thinking, apart from the obvious transport accidents, have you ever had a rocket destroyed in a none flying incident?

let's hear those stories.........
Yup - had a foam Zoomie that had fallen on the floor. Didn't see it and stepped on it - CRUNCH! Of course, not that much of a loss - only broke one wing tip off, so I'll salvage the BT and NC and make a balsa version. It'll fly better to boot! :D
We hired some Portugese maids for a while a last year, and one day I walked into my room to find that two of my rockets were in ruins; all of the fins ripped off, paint scuffed and the body tubes bent. Turns out one of them RAN OVER THEM while vacuuming... sigh...
Yep, had a folded up easy up fall over on a rocket. I also placed a mini V2 rocket in my jacket pocket and then proceeded to sit on it!