R/C Boeing Phantom XS-1 or LEO Space Train....

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Jan 27, 2009
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My musing today, I got a set of bt-20 cones and a Viking kit from the lhs to make the top second stage for my take on a boeing phantom xs-1 or what estes is marketing as the leo space train. BT-60 based, this has the wing upscaled in depron for glide recovery with R/C. 16.5" span, 18" length, 2.5 oz empty, 5 oz rtf. Still have to install the radio equipment and work on the color scheme and markings. I mis planned slightly and actually came out slightly nose heavy so had to trim the body tube back to this length to allow a CG without added weight. This is a very similar layout to Tom Blakeneys Black Horse glider, also for D2.3 motors, but slightly lighter, his has a slightly bigger wingspan...